Video: Nonprofit CFO Award Highlights and Insights on Nonprofit CFO Excellence

Behind the scenes of any successful nonprofit organization is the nonprofit CFO. Forging through changing financial landscapes, deciphering new regulations, and holding back budget overruns, the Nonprofit CFO does it all. No longer are CFOs mere number crunchers and gatekeepers. Today’s Nonprofit CFO is a strategic leader and advisor to the CEO and Board, helping to support operational decision-making and long-term planning.

Watch this video to see highlights of the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards, the nomination process, and hear insights on Nonprofit CFO Excellence from prior year award winners: Eileen Frazier, COO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and Jason R. Daisey, SVP, CFO, Treasurer of WETA.


Modernizing the Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Process

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Exempt Organization Tax08/06/2019


Nonprofit Accounting-Tax-Technology08/06/2019


In this episode of our Nonprofit Knowledge Center podcast series, we discuss how nonprofits are using technology to modernize the budgeting, planning and forecasting process.

Highlights from the 7th Annual Higher Education Taxation Institute

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Exempt Organization Tax07/22/2019


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In this podcast, T&T Tax Principal Mike Sorrells joins Laura Kalick, Esq. to discuss highlights and key takeaways from the 7th Annual Higher Education Taxation Institute.

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