Tate & Tryon has again taken the opportunity this holiday season to continue its tradition of making a donation on behalf of the firm’s clients to a local charitable organization in our community.

Comfort Cases in Washington DC received a contribution to support its mission of providing comfort and support to children entering the foster care system. Founded in 2013, Comfort Cases is an all-volunteer charitable organization that provides overnight bags, pajama, hygiene items, activities and comfort items to children and teens transitioning into foster care. We recently had the pleasure of having Comfort Cases’ Founder, Rob Scheer, speak at the recent Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards luncheon in October.

“These holiday donations, in lieu of gifts, allow us to thank our clients by contributing to organizations that enrich the communities in which we all live and serve,” said Charlie Tate, Managing Partner of Tate & Tryon. “We were educated and truly inspired by Mr. Scheer’s remarks on the enormous challenges and hardships facing foster children. And for this reason, we are very proud to make a donation on behalf of our clients to support this extraordinary cause.”

Comfort Cases was founded in October 2013 on a mission to provide comfort and dignity to children entering the foster care system and to other at risk youth. We believe that every child has the right to a more humane experience in foster care, and that starts by providing them with a case to pack their belongings in instead of a trash bag. We pack and distribute overnight bags filled with essential and comfort items to meet the basic needs of these children and to bring some happiness into their lives. Every child deserves the dignity of having something of their very own and knowing that their community cares about them. Our charity provides a way for communities to come together and support the most vulnerable among them. To date, we have delivered over 20,000 cases primarily to children in the DC/MD/VA area.


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