Through our Finance and Accounting Opportunity Assessment, we will identify opportunities for the finance function to increase its efficiency and effectiveness, and provide better support of the organization’s strategic goals. Our team of financial experts have developed a comprehensive 3-part diagnostic assessment designed to examine the efficacy and efficiency of people, processes, and technology deployed within the finance organization.





Part 1: The Perspective of Senior Leadership

Through interviews with the principal executives, department heads, and programmatic leaders, we will gain a perspective on the organization’s strategy and the current effectiveness of the finance function in supporting organizational goals.


Part 2:   Examining the Current State and Identifying Opportunities   

We will evaluate the existing staffing structure, processes, and related technology environment within the finance organization. This assessment will allow us to determine opportunities for improving process efficiency and quality through process re-design and more beneficial use of technology based on proven best practices employed by other similar nonprofit organizations.


Part 3: Our Assessment

In addition to a written report summarizing our recommendations, we will meet with key management to discuss our findings, the opportunities identified, and our recommendations for the path forward.

As a result of our assessment, we will recommend opportunities for the finance department to provide more timely and cost-effective decision support services through:

  • Process redesign
  • Optimum use of technology
  • Redirecting resources and focusing efforts on providing high-value decision-support services
  • Reducing or eliminating “non-value-added” activities


Advisory Services


How Efficient and Effective is your Accounting and Finance Operation?

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How Efficient and Effective is your Accounting and Finance Operation?
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