Your first year as the new chief staff executive can be the most critical in determining your own and the organization’s long-term success. Getting off to a good start means establishing clear objectives against which to measure success and achievement.


Tate & Tryon’s New CEO Financial Diagnostic is designed to assist newly appointed CEOs in assessing the organization and its functional areas and capabilities. As a result, new CEOs have the necessary insight and information to make informed decisions about the state of the organization, as it moves forward.



Is Your Organization Ready for Its Year-End Audit?

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Audit & Assurance12/11/2019

Preparing for your annual audit can be a bit of a juggling act as you work to close out the year, report preliminary financial results to your board and other constituents, while preparing for the audit. As you continue to prepare for your upcoming audit, here are several common areas to consider that hopefully will help facilitate a smooth audit, reduce any internal control findings, and minimize significant audit adjustments.

Tips on Improving Your Nonprofit’s Charity Watchdog Ratings

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Nonprofit Accounting-Tax-Technology10/02/2019


In this podcast, we discuss how charity watchdog organizations such as Charity Navigator, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and GuideStar typically monitor and rate charitable organizations and what nonprofit leaders should be thinking about with respect to their organization’s ratings.

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