Your first year as the new chief staff executive can be the most critical in determining your own and the organization’s long-term success. Getting off to a good start means establishing clear objectives against which to measure success and achievement.


Tate & Tryon’s New CEO Financial Diagnostic is designed to assist newly appointed CEOs in assessing the organization and its functional areas and capabilities. As a result, new CEOs have the necessary insight and information to make informed decisions about the state of the organization, as it moves forward.



Tips on Detecting and Preventing Employee Fraud

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Audit & Assurance12/17/2018

Fraud Prevention12/17/2018

Nonprofit Accounting-Tax-Technology12/17/2018


Understanding the methods of how employee fraud is detected can help you in taking the necessary steps to minimize your risk and protect your organization. In this podcast, we discuss active and passive methods of detecting employee fraud as well as common behavioral red flags that organizations should be aware of.

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