In the world of football, the playbook contains the strategy and plan for winning the game. It requires careful preparation and skillful execution, a devotion to hard work and discipline, and a desire to be better and climb higher.  Tate & Tryon’s Roberto Terrell is well acquainted with what it takes.  As a former college football player, Roberto continues that same discipline as he implements the game plan for accomplishing his goals and responsibilities as a Controller in Tate & Tryon’s Outsourced Accounting Services practice.

“Controllers pretty much oversee the entire Outsourced Accounting process.  Right now I manage about 20 financial statements [engagements] with staff from the team,” Roberto explained.  “I touch every client once a week…”  As a dedicated manager, Roberto develops and leverages his team to provide a high-level of expertise to each client engagement.



With Roberto’s background, it’s no surprise he’s skilled at managing lots of moving parts as well as the unexpected with ease.  In 2001, Roberto received a scholarship to play college football.  “I went to Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia – and I’m from Florida.  It was a culture shock,” laughed Roberto.  “I guess it wasn’t as bad as that – I was part of the football team with a lot of like-minded people.  I played cornerback…and my proudest football achievement was the day I ran a 40-yard dash in 4.2 seconds … did not see that coming,” Roberto said. The top 10 fastest times recorded in the NFL are in the 4.2 seconds range.

After playing 4 years for Marshall, Roberto went on to higher pursuits.  “I played what I call a cup of coffee in the NFL,” Roberto shared.  “I got invited to a couple camps but ended up pulling my hamstring.  I went to Canada and also played arena ball for the Birmingham Steeldogs in Alabama.  After pulling my hamstring five times in two years, I called it quits.  I was like – you know what? I have a degree.  I’ve got my masters and CPA,” said Roberto.

Roberto has gone on to enjoy a successful career in the public accounting profession, working as an auditor and now as an Outsourced Accounting professional.  He brings technical expertise, commitment, team leadership, and an engaging personality to the table.


Team Development

But, just in case you were wondering, Roberto has not left football behind.  “My love is football,” says Roberto.  “I coach at Paint Branch High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, train five high school defensive backs, and coach in a flag football league for my son.  I really enjoy it.  I always say, that’s my happy place.  I’m out there nearly every day during football season.  Tate & Tryon is flexible, so I can go to practice,” Roberto explained.

“I’ve always wanted to be a leader, and what I love about coaching football is you’re taking young kids and molding them.  They have the effort and “want to,” but they may not know how to apply it,” Roberto said.  “And it’s being there – providing the knowledge and experience to guide them along the way.  I look at my team at Tate & Tryon like I do those kids.  I try to be a teacher, spending a lot of time developing our staff.  The stronger they are, the stronger I feel we are as a team.”



And the secret sauce to keeping everything in perspective is having the right balance between work and relaxation.  “I love puzzles, chess, card games, and even dominoes with friends,” Roberto explained.  And being from rural Florida, some of his down time activity has also included hunting alligators.  “It’s great – especially fried,” chuckled Roberto. “The biggest I ever got was probably 6 or 7 feet.”

Tate & Tryon brings together Outsourced Accounting experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences committed to serving the nonprofit community.  But not just that – Tate & Tryon brings together people devoted to developing other people, investing in clients, and delivering an excellent product.

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