Tate & Tryon recognizes the importance of continuing education as an integral part of a professional’s growth.  Our success and the value of the services we provide to our clients is a direct product of our talented employees – so we take your learning and development very seriously.


All professional employees of the firm are provided with a minimum of 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) each year through a combination of internal and external training.  CPE is designed to focus on developments in the areas of accounting, internal control, and tax. Training is not all technical as it also involves soft skills such as communication – particularly as it relates to nonprofits.   As an NASBA accredited sponsor of CPE, Tate & Tryon has developed a comprehensive in-house continuing education program which gives us the flexibility to customize training courses to meet the specific needs of our staff and clients throughout the year.  We also partner with outside professionals such as university accounting professors, investment management professionals, and banking experts to provide additional in-house training to our staff.


All employees are paired with more experienced coworkers to gain knowledge, skills, experience, information, and advice.  Mentors and mentees meet on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


Performance Reviews

Not only does Tate & Tryon have formal reviews twice a year, but we emphasize constant feedback both through formal and informal methods.  We believe that the only way to grow is by receiving feedback on a continuous basis.