In an age of too much data and not enough meaningful information, we help drive financial insights that truly count for your organizational success. To survive and thrive, nonprofit organizations need a reliable partner that can think strategically and act tactically. Tate & Tryon is a proven leader that delivers trusted audit, outsourcing, technology, and advisory services for discerning nonprofit organizations that demand mission success.

Leveraging time-tested and perceptive financial management insights, our innovative client engagement model helps mitigate risks, reduce costs, and maximize revenue streams. We proactively prepare you for inevitable changes in regulatory compliance, so you are always a step ahead.

Experience the difference: Tate & Tryon, driving insights that count and enable nonprofits to win.


Charles Tate
Managing Partner
Michael Tryon
Senior Partner
Matthew Adamowicz
Partner, T3 Information Systems
Rich Banner
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Doug Boedeker
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
David Bohn
Partner, Outsourced Services
Jacqueline Bryant
Partner, Outsourced Services
Susan Colladay
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Nicole Doran
Director of HR/Recruiting
Leigh Fugger-Smith
Director New York Region
Anna Hofmeister
Partner, Outsourced Services
Deborah Kosnett
Tax Principal
Christopher McCarthy
Partner, T3 Information Systems
Jeffrey Quigley
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Jay Sciuto
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
Christian Spencer
Partner, Audit & Assurance Services
R. Michael Sorrells
Tax Principal
David Duren
Tax Principal

Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon

Tate & Tryon is a co-founder and host of the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon, an annual awards event founded in 2006 that seeks to honor the true thought leaders and innovators from among the nation’s nonprofit financial professionals. Since its inception, this award program has honored the achievements of more than 20 chief financial officers of leading nonprofit organizations around the country.


At Tate & Tryon, our mission is to identify our clients’ needs and execute solutions to meet those needs on a timely and consistent basis.

We believe that quality service is the result of sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilled implementation. Our commitment to our clients is dependent upon, and consistent with, our commitment to our professional staff. Our clients and employees are not outsiders in our business — they are part of it.

Tate & Tryon is dedicated to:

  • Providing high-quality service to all our clients
  • Serving a proactive role in providing practical solutions to the challenges affecting our clients
  • Providing professional opportunities and job satisfaction to employees within the Firm, consistent with the business needs of our clients



Fulfill mission-critical activities and reduce reputational risk while demonstrating efficiency, high-performance, transparency and accountability.


Strike the optimal balance between member engagement and growth, and related risks by learning more about effective financial operations, governance, and strategic risk management.


Preserve tax-exemption by implementing innovative tax strategies that maintain compliance, avoid penalties, while strategically positioning related entities in the organizational structure.

Leadership Activities

As a Firm specializing exclusively in nonprofits, Tate & Tryon is dedicated to sharing our knowledge and resources within the nonprofit community.

International Reach

We are an active member of the BDO Alliance, one of the largest international professional associations in the world.

Peer Review

We are committed to adhering to the highest quality standards by voluntarily agreeing to the membership requirements.


Tate & Tryon has a proud tradition of leadership and commitment to the nonprofit community. Whether through firm-wide initiatives, or the efforts of individual staff members, Tate & Tryon is firmly committed to sharing the Firm’s knowledge and resources with the communities in which we do business. Many of the Firm’s senior leadership team members volunteer their own time to nonprofit organizations, serving as board or audit committee members as well as informal consultants. These outside activities help the Firm to better understand and address client needs.

In addition, we provide 16 hours of paid time off to staff so that they can volunteer on their own for causes about which they are passionate.

Volunteer Work and Services

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