How Do Nonprofits Reel-in a High-Functioning Finance System?


Reel-in High-Functioning Finance SystemNonprofit finance departments – across the board – are looking to decrease manual processes, increase productivity, and make financial data more accessible and digestible for their decision-makers. Leveraging today’s technology makes it possible! Moving to a high-functioning, cloud-based accounting platform puts powerful capabilities at the fingertips of any nonprofit organization. Don’t be intimidated at the idea of a transition. An experienced implementation partner can walk you through the process so your organization can enjoy the benefits of efficiencies, savings, and dynamic reporting!

Just ask Hannah Lawrence, Senior Consultant in Tate & Tryon’s Outsourced Services practice. Specialized both in nonprofit accounting and accounting system design and implementation, Hannah knows the ins and outs of outsourced accounting services and transitioning nonprofits to more powerful cloud-based accounting platforms.


Insightful Implementation Partner.

Hannah says the on-boarding process isn’t difficult, but that having a trusted, insightful, and patient implementation partner is key.

“It involves evaluating the current financial structure and processes of an organization and then revamping things into a new design that makes them more efficient. As the new platform is customized, charts of accounts, reports, and dashboards are customized, giving decision-makers access to robust reporting capabilities.”


Organized Transition Management.

As with any new system implementation, effective transition management makes the overall process smooth for everyone involved. Working with experts who regularly design and implement systems can help ensure a seamless process. They know what steps to take and in what order, and they are able to help guide communications with team members.

Hannah mentions, “It’s important to help people understand that you want the technology to help do the job for you – so that you’re not having to do something manually.”

This allows team members to be better utilized for more strategic and programmatic-focused activities.


Easy to Understand Systems Training.

Accessible and clear training on the new systems is also a must to equip everyone for success.

Hannah explains, “I love helping clients learn about new tools that will improve their financial processes. I’m happy I can help train, guide, and assist people in a way that’s not necessarily what they are used to. [As an accountant,] accountants can sometimes think in a box of accounting, and I feel like I can show different ways of thinking about things, especially when it comes to technology …”


Experienced in various accounting and management systems, Hannah holds a Bachelors’ in Accounting from Montana State University as well as certifications as an Intacct Accounting and Implementation Specialist. And when Hannah is not helping nonprofits, you might find her slipping away for a long hike or to do a little fly-fishing.

If you’re looking to reel-in a high functioning finance system for your nonprofit organization, be sure to Contact Us for more information.


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