A Bifurcated Role: Introducing the Chief Data Officer

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The integration of cross-functional data and application of business intelligence will soon be a practice of not only the most strategic nonprofits, but of any nonprofit hoping to remain efficient, competitive, and relevant. The process of adopting an integrated and collaborative data management approach is complex and has procedural, technical, and cultural implications.  Nonprofits may benefit […]

Who (and What) is the Chief Data Officer?

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Strategic nonprofit leaders are changing the way they manage and use data in their organizations.  They are learning to examine data holistically and use data-driven insights to shape decisions.  However, the ability to fully leverage the power of cross-functional data requires a complex shift from information silos to an organization-wide data system, a daunting task […]

Membership Metrics Survey Results Now Available

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Membership Metrics: A Review of Current and Best Practices
Transforming membership data into business intelligence is a top priority for strategic nonprofit leaders.  However, nonprofits face numerous obstacles to managing data successfully.  Tate & Tryon conducted a survey to learn more about this issue and identify best practices related to the collection, tracking, and reporting of membership (and […]

Who’s Watching IT?

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Earlier this summer, Tate & Tryon hosted a seminar on IT governance titled Who’s Watching IT? with presentations by Ray Vazquez, CEO of Infinitive Insight and Kevin Carlson, Director of IT Governance, Risk and Controls at the American Red Cross. The discussion focused on the importance of enabling IT to support the organization’s strategy by involving IT in […]

How Do Your Expenses Compare to Your Peers?

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Across several hundred (c)(3) organizations, median functional expenses as a percent of total expenses are as follows:

Program service expenses are 85%
Management and general expenses are 11%
Fundraising expenses are 2%

Additionally, total compensation including pension and other benefits comprises 38% of total expenses.
The Tate & Tryon study provides expense information for 378 (c)(3) organizations categorized using the National […]

Are you thinking about membership metrics? Because you should be.

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A nonprofit’s ability to turn data about its membership into actionable business intelligence creates the potential for enormous competitive advantage. Membership metrics are not simply to be thought of as the territory of the membership department, but rather are relevant to the organization as a whole. Their successful tracking and measurement depends on organization-wide participation […]

Review of Trade Association CEO Compensation & Benefits

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In early 2012, Tate & Tryon conducted a review of select compensation information presented on the most recently available Form 990s for medium-size trade associations and trade associations with prominent lobbyists in the Washington metropolitan area. The purpose of this effort was to develop a benchmark report on trade association CEO compensation and benefits.
For 501(c)(6) […]

Benchmark Your Reserves Against Your Peers!

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Reserves increase a nonprofit’s ability to respond to changes in the environment, protect against unforeseen risks, and make investments into new ventures. The advisable level of reserves depends on a number of factors, but benchmarking your reserves against those of similar organizations can help you know where you stand.
Tate & Tryon’s interactive dashboard allows you […]

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