5 Things You Should be Asking Your Finance Department

An effective finance function is one that is one that is proactive, forward-looking, and serves as a strategic partner, helping management to run the business. Is your finance team up to par? In our latest podcast, Outsourced Services partner, David Bohn and Outsourced Services Manager Roberto Terrell discuss 5 things you should be asking your finance team that can help you in determining whether the organization’s financial performance is being maximized.




What Plan Sponsors Need to Know about DOL Enforcement and Red Flags

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Employee Benefit Plans08/30/2019


Being selected for a Department of Labor (DOL) audit is not exactly a prize most plan sponsors want or intend to win. Often, plan sponsors think service providers will take the blame when compliance issues arise. But plan sponsors are ultimately responsible for plan administration and operation. Plan sponsors that don’t realize this can suffer devastating consequences and become a statistic on the agency’s annual enforcement report.

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