Specializing Exclusively in the Nonprofit Industry

Tate & Tryon is a premier boutique firm specializing exclusively in national and international nonprofit organizations. We have been committed to the nonprofit sector since our founding in 1993. Our clients represent a broad range of more than 600 national and international nonprofit organizations. Although Tate & Tryon serves various sub-specialties of the exempt organization world, our entire practice is dedicated to exclusively serving the nonprofit organizations. Arts organizations, foundations, associations, think tanks, professional societies, civic groups, and charities have many lessons to share with one another. The depth of our experience in the nonprofit industry affords us a unique view of industry best practices, which in turn enhances the level of service and overall value we provide to our clients.

The types of organizations we serve:

  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Civic and community organizations
  • Education establishments
  • Health & welfare organizations
  • Private and community foundations
  • Professional societies and trade associations
  • Public charities
  • Special interest groups
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Think tanks and research institutes

The Right Size, Right Fit.

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