The Challenge

Since its inception, RAD-AID International has expanded to more than 6,100 volunteers in 20 countries.  Management desired real-time and meaningful programmatic and geographic data to monitor outcomes, allocate resources, and plan for continued growth.  Another operational imperative was a more efficient cloud-based volunteer expense reporting and reimbursement system. RAD-AID needed a partner with a strong track record of helping nonprofits improve and streamline financial reporting.


Our Approach

Tate and Tryon worked with RAD-AID’s management to understand its current and future financial reporting needs, as well as its strategic and operational objectives. By understanding our client and the way it does business, we developed a financial reporting framework that would provide timely, accurate, and meaningful information.



We implemented an integrated, cloud-based financial management and bill payment solution that provided global real-time access to the organization’s financials, reports, and metrics in a secure online environment. Specifically, we accomplished:


  • Driving insights that count – RAD-AID is now able to track the number of hours volunteers spend in support of their mission. This insight allows the organization to better articulate the impact of their programs in conversations with funders.
  • Staff gained the ability to easily track, manage, and report financial data such as asset metrics and volunteer hours. This allowed for more efficient and effective resource allocation which was instrumental in funding, year-goal setting, and overall growth.
  • 6,100 volunteers can now easily submit expense reports and are reimbursed via Expense reimbursement is now streamlined, saving the organization significant time and money.
  • Management presents operational and financial metrics to the Board in a powerful analytical dashboard, providing greater insight into the programmatic impact that enables the board to better focus on strategy.



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