Ms. Colladay is a partner within the Firm’s Audit and Assurance Services practice. Ms. Colladay joined Tate & Tryon in 1997 and provides thoughtful services to various clients, which include audits of federal award programs (single audits), audits of employee benefit plans, internal control audits, and agreed upon procedures engagements.

Ms. Colladay spearheaded the development of the Firm’s women’s initiatives network known as WIN@T&T, which is a discussion group whose goal is to provide support and mentorship opportunities for women in management positions at Tate & Tryon. Ms. Colladay also moderates a discussion group known as Women Leaders in Nonprofit Finance. The format of the group is a roundtable series which was created to provide a space for women in executive finance positions at larger nonprofits to make personal connections with one another so that they can learn from and support each other.

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